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"Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command."  - John 15:13

        His   Friends   is   a   group   with   a   calling   to   stir   up   the   sleeping   giant   (The   Church)   of America,   encouraging   all   to   repent   and   unite   in   the   faith,   and   to   let   the   masses   know   that there is a war going on for the heart and soul of this country. We seek change.       America   is   on   a   desperate   slide   into   destruction   with   the   nation’s   fundamental   values and   economy   tearing   apart   at   the   seams.   The   old   values   of   the   nation   are   becoming invisible   and   with   the   disappearance   of   these   values   America   is   quickly   sinking   into   an honorless society.       We   are   speaking   out   of   truth   and   love.   We   do   not   hold   prejudices   against   anyone,   but   we seek   to   retain   our   freedom   by   speaking   and   standing   on   the   truth   in   love.      The   issues   you will   find   on   our   website   are   issues   that   are   facing   not   only   America,   but   your   family   and your friends.       We,   as   those   who   possess   and   stand   for   the   truth,   must   address   these   issues   for   at   this point in time there is no way around them. Speaking the truth in love.... because what you don't know will hurt you and your family.