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Illegal Immigration
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           The   Center   for   Immigration   Studies   stated   that   the   U.S.   Census   Bureau   showed   that   the   nation’s immigrant   population   (legal   and   illegal)   reached   nearly   38   million   in   March   2007,   one-third   of   which were   comprised   of   illegal   immigrants.   If   immigration   continues   to   rise   at   current   levels,   the   nation’s population   will   increase   from   301   million   today   to   468   million   in   2060,   a   56%   rise.   In   Fiscal   Year   2009 the   U.S.   resettled   almost   three   times   as   many   refugees   (or   immigrants)   as   all   the   rest   of   the   countries in    the    industrialized    world    combined.    However,    according    to    ImmigrationCounters.com,    the    live number of illegal immigrants in this country is 22, 780, 904 and rising every day.                In   recent   years,   up   to   95%   of   the   refugees   coming   to   the   U.S.   were   referred   by   the   UN   High Commissioner    for    Refugees    (UNHCR)    or    were    the    relatives    of    UN-picked    refugees.    The    U.N.    is effectively   dictating   much   of   U.S.   immigration   policy.   Unfortunately,   the   money   the   U.S.   spends bringing   one   refugee   to   the   U.S.   could   have   helped   500   individuals   overseas   in   countries   where   they currently reside.                According   to   the   Refugee   Resettlement   Watch   (RRW),   the   most   common   method   of   obtaining asylum   seeker   status   is   to   come   over   on   a   tourist   visa   and   then   link   up   with   an   immigration   consultant or   refugee   agency   like   Catholic   Charities   for   help   in   filling   out   the   paper   work   and   help   in   learning what   to   say   in   the   asylum   interview   with   U.S.   officials.   Once   you   have   asylum   you   are   eligible   for   all welfare.   The   program   is   rife   with   fraud   and   corruption   at   all   levels.   UN   personnel   often   sell   access   to the   program   and   once   here   refugees   make   false   claims   of   family   relationship   in   order   to   facilitate wider    immigration.    Government    grant    fraud    is    common    among    local    refugee    service    providers. Resettlement   is   profitable   to   the   organizations   involved   in   it.   They   receive   money   from   the   federal government   for   each   refugee   they   bring   over.   They   have   almost   no   real   responsibilities   for   these refugees.   After   4   months   the   “sponsoring”   organization   is   not   even   required   to   know   where   the refugee   lives.   The   groups   that   resettle   refugees   are   referred   to   in   the   media   as   “charities”   or   “non- profits”   or   “humanitarian   organizations”.   They   are   actually   federal   contractors   and   get   the   vast majority   of   their   resources   from   the   U.S.   taxpayer.   There   are   now   at   least   350   non-governmental organizations   resettling   refugees.   They   are   all   dependent   on   taxpayer   funding.   RRW   believes   the program   is   so   lucrative   that   the   Catholic   Church   has   dropped   traditional   charity   works   to   put   more effort into resettlement. It uses collection offerings to promote the refugee resettlement program.       Illegal   immigrants   are   not   "victims"   who   need   the   United   Sates   to   rescue   them.   The   CIA   reports   that the   Mexican   unemployment   rate   was   recently   only   4%,   significantly   lower   than   the   unemployment rate   of   9.9%   (in   April   2010)   in   the   United   States.   It   may   be   true   that   many   immigrants   are   hard working and only want a better life. However, the problem is much broader.       The   emotional   photos   shown   in   the   media   of   parents   deported   from   their   anchor   child   is   an extremely   rare   event.   In   reality,   there   are   a   significant   number   of   single   males   with   no   families   to feed.   In   fact,   illegal   immigrants   know   that   having   an   anchor   child   greatly   reduces   their   chances   of being   deported.   Many   immigrants   come   to   the   United   States,   get   an American   girl   pregnant,   and   hope to   receive   an   extended   green   card   because   of   the American   child. Yet   the   media   is   not   sympathetic   to American   parents   separated   from   their   children   when   they   are   caught   breaking   the   law.   Sadly,   a   large amount   of   the   money   being   wired   to   Mexico   and   Latin America   is   not   for   their   ‘poor’   families,   it   is   to pay   off   the   human   smugglers   and   drug   cartels   back   home.   Otherwise   their   family   members'   safety   will be jeopardized.          Illegal   aliens   are   not   undocumented,   they   have   plenty   of   documents   because   most   engage   in document   fraud   and   identity   theft   to   conduct   their   crimes   in America.   If   they   are   granted   legal   status they   will   begin   to   demand   the   same   wages   and   standards   that American   citizens   receive.   This   creates an   even   larger   problem.   Most   illegal   workers   are   not   doing   farm   labor.   Illegal   immigration   is   now hurting   the   American   working   class   while   self-serving   businesses   and   government   agencies   look   the other   way. According   to   NumbersUSA,   there   were   approximately   7.7   million   illegal   aliens   employed   in U.S.   jobs   in   2008.   The   Center   for   Immigration   Studies   reports   that   a   1997   study   by   the   American Academy   of   Sciences   found   that   the   cheap   labor   of   illegal   immigrants   and   poor   immigrants   caused   a 44%   decrease   in   wages   among   the   poorest Americans   from   1980   to   1994. The   burning   question   is   this: Is   America   is   going   to   remain   a   nation   based   on   our   laws   and   principles   or   will   the   overrule   all   else? Will   living   in   America   continue   to   be   embraced,   or   will   our   country   simply   become   a   job   site?   When laws   and   principles   are   allowed   to   be   broken   on   a   scale   this   large   we   now   find   ourselves   with   giant repercussions.               According   to   the   Center   for   Immigration   Studies,   amnesty   for   illegal   immigrants   will   cause   costs   to increase   significantly   from   $10.4   billion   a   year   to   $28.8   billion.   This   is   because   an   amnesty   program would   transform   an   illegal   immigrant   to   an   "unskilled   immigrant   with   legal   status"   who   could   access various   government   programs.   However,   due   to   low   income,   these   "unskilled   immigrants   with   legal status" would likely make very modest tax payments.               Another   rising   issue   it   that   immigrants   have   access   to   welfare   on   the   same   basis   as   a   U.S.   citizen. Welfare   use   is   staggering   among   refugees.   Welfare   usage   is   never   counted   by   officials   as   part   of   the cost   of   the   program. Yet   when   it   is   included,   the   total   cost   of   the   refugee   program   soars   to   at   least   10 billion   a   year. As   some Americans   are   pushed   off   of   time-limited   welfare   programs,   many   refugees   are going   on   to   life-time   cash   assistance   programs.   For   instance   15.3%   of   refugees   are   on   SSI.   This   rate   of usage   is   at   least   5   times   higher   than   the   rate   of   usage   for   SSI   among   the   native-born   population.   The federal    programs    available    to    them    include    Temporary    Assistance    for    Needy    Families    or    TANF (formerly   known   as   AFDC),   Medicaid,   Food   Stamps,   Public   Housing,   Supplemental   Security   Income (SSI),   Social   Security   Disability   Insurance,   Administration   on   Developmental   Disabilities   (ADD)   (direct services   only),   Child   Care   and   Development   Fund,   Independent   Living   Program,   Job   Opportunities   for Low   Income   Individuals   (JOLI),   Low-Income   Home   Energy Assistance   Program   (LIHEAP),   Postsecondary Education    Loans    and    Grants,    Refugee    Assistance    Programs,    Title    IV    Foster    Care    and    Adoption Assistance   Payments   (if   parents   are   ⌠qualified   immigrants   –   refugees,   asylees,   etc),   and   Title   XX   Social Services   Block   Grant   Funds..   Refugees,   successful   asylum   seekers,   trafficking   victim   visa   holders, “Cuban-Haitian   Entrants”   (which   are   mostly   Cuban)   and   other   smaller   humanitarian   admission   groups are eligible for ALL federal, state and local welfare programs 30 days after arrival.                “Secure   our   borders   first.   Let   us   know   and   let   us   make   sure   the American   people   know   that   we're taking   care   of   the   important   business   of   dealing   with   the   illegal   immigration   into   this   country.   You cannot   begin   to   address   the   concerns   of   the   people   who   are   already   here   unless   and   until   you   have made   certain   that   no   more   are   coming   in   behind   them,”   stated   Michael   Steele.   Until   we   start   to tackle   the   immigration   issue,   we   cannot   manage   the   problems   of   our   own,   the   American   population that is legal and is struggling more everyday to survive in this world.
“Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems.” --Timothy Murphy