His Friends
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          Our   calling   is Acts   26:18:   "To   open   their   eyes,   and   to   turn   them   from   darkness   to   light,   and   from the   power   of   Satan   unto   God,   that   they   may   receive   forgiveness   of   sins   and   inheritance   among them   which   are   sanctified   by   faith   that   is   in   me-Jesus   Christ."   We   believe   this,   we   stand   on   it,   and we speak it over America and the world.       We   believe   these   are   perilous   times   and   we   feel   like   we   need   to   go   back   to   what   God   told   us   in Genesis   1:28,   "And   God   blessed   them,   and   God   said   unto   them,   'Be   fruitful,   and   multiply,   and replenish   the   earth,   and   subdue   it:   and   have   dominion   over   the   fish   of   the   sea,   and   over   the   foul of   the   air,   and   over   every   living   thing   that   moveth   upon   the   earth."   Notice   the   word   replenish. Replenish   means   to   refill   and   replace   worn   parts.   This   was   the   blessing   given   to Adam   and   Eve-to subdue   and   dominate   creation   and   keep   it   the   way   God   created   it.   The   world   was   not   created   to house   sin   and   destruction.   Without   the   creative   power   of   the   blessing,   it   has   moaned   and   been devastated.   Under   the   load   of   sin,   it   breaks.   It's   not   caused   by   the   greenhouse   effect   or   any   other man-made issue. It's the curse.       With   hurricanes,   tornadoes,   fires   out   of   control,   mud   slides,   flooding,   severe   thunderstorms tearing   up   the   country   from   one   end   to   another,   and   with   the   threat   of   bird   flu,   swine   flu, terrorist   attacks,   bailing   out   of   the   'fat   cats'   of   Wallstreet   and   disassembling   the   manufacturing   of America   and   giving   it   to   a   country   with   the   worst   human   rights   record   on   the   planet. Are   we   sure this   is   a   good   time   to   take   God   out   of   the   Pledge   of   Allegiance?   It   seems   like   we   need   to   put   God back into schools and the courthouses.
Together we can do it. Together we are doing it. Together we will get it done.