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   Lately   many   are   trying   to   convince   us   that   our   country   was   established   as   a melting   pot   of   religions   and   are   trying   to   rewrite   our   history. America   was   founded as   a   "nation   under   God." The   Mayflower   Compact   in   1620   declared,   "In   the   name   of God,   having   undertaken,   for   the   glory   of   God   and   for   the   advancement   of   the Christian faith."          Twenty-three   years   later,   the   New   England   Confederation   stated,   "Whereas,   we all   come   into   these   parts   with   one   and   the   same   end   and   aim,   namely,   to   advance the   kingdom   of   our   Lord   Jesus   Christ   and   to   enjoy   the   liberties   of   the   Gospel   in purity and peace."       When   the   first   Continential   Congress   debated   about   how   to   write   the   Declaration of   Independence,   Benjamin   Franklin   declared,   "Gentlemen,   if   it   is   true   that   not one    single    petal    from    any    flower    falls    to    the    ground    without    escaping    God's attention,   will   the   distress   of   this   nation   go   unheeded?   Let   us   seek   His   face."   Upon this   statement,   56   signers   of   the   Declaration   fell   to   their   knees   and   began   to   pray and seek wisdom from God. Fifty-three of the 56 were Christians.       Now   we   see   the   greatest   country   in   the   world   being   dissembled   for   greed   to stimulate   the   economy   of   a   country   who   has   the   worst   human   rights   record   on Earth.   How   can   we   be   blessed   if   we   are   in   bed   with   the   devil?   Ungodly   influences have   snuck   in   and   are   trying   to   water   down   and   rewrite   our   history.   Demonic forces   are   seeking   to   destroy   all   that   our   forefathers   fought   and   sacrificed   their lives for.       In   our   apathy   and   complacency,   we   who   profess   to   know   the Truth   have   forgotten our heritage and in doing so, we are letting the truth be turned into a lie.