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          According   to   the   Friends   Witness   for   a   Prolife   Peace   Testimony,   the   40th   anniversary   of   the American   Friends   Service   Committee’s   (AFSC)   book,   Who   Shall   Live?   Man’s   Control   over   Birth   and Death,   was   in   2009.   Isn’t   it   time   for   further   discernment?   In   1969,   AFSC   published   this   report   on which   it   based   its   abortion   position.   The   book   was   written   before   Roe   vs.   Wade,   the   Supreme   Court decision   that   legalized   abortion   in   the   United   States   that   made   people   believe   the   number   of abortions   would   begin   to   decline   and   that   the   legalization   would   make   it   safer   for   women.   The difference   between   prediction   of   what   would   happen   with   legalization   and   experience   of   what actually has happened deserves to be explored. •   The   book   predicted   making   abortions   legal   would   decrease   child   abuse   rates   because   there   would be   fewer   “unwanted”   children.   Yet,   the   opposite   has   occurred.   Child   abuse   rates   have   gone   up 2300%, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Child Maltreatment. •   Abortion   rates   have   skyrocketed,   reaching   numbers   as   high   as   1.2   million   per   year   in   the   United States   alone.   According   to   Planned   Parenthood,   up   to   1   out   of   3   women   in   the   United   States   have had an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. •   The   book   predicted   that   legal   abortions   would   be   safer   for   women,   but   the   result   has   been   that many   women   develop   post-traumatic   abortion   syndrome   after   the   experience.   “There   are   two victims   in   every   abortion:   a   dead   baby   and   a   dead   conscious,”   said   Mother   Teresa.   However,   Pro- Choice   supporters,   like   Planned   Parenthood,   say   that   the   serious,   long-term   emotional   problems after   abortion   are   about   as   uncommon   as   they   are   after   giving   birth.   Some   doctors   and   nurses associated with performing abortions are even drastically impacted. •   Unlike   the   occasional   accidental   pregnancy   before   abortion   was   legalized,   now   nearly   half   of   the pregnancies    among    American    women    are    unintended.    About    four    in    10    of    those    unintended pregnancies   are   terminated   by   abortion. According   to Abort.73.com,   22   percent   of   all   United   States’ pregnancies end in abortion. •   In   addition,   abortion   rates   among   teenagers   and   younger   women   have   increased   significantly.   Fifty percent   of   U.S.   women   obtaining   abortions   are   younger   than   25. Teenagers   alone   obtain   17%   of   that number.   Adolescents   under   15   years   old   have   the   highest   abortion   ratio,   773   abortions   for   every 1,000   live   births.   Today’s   society   almost   glamorizes   sex.   It   is   in   the   television   shows   teenagers watch,   the   magazines   they   read,   and   the   music   they   listen   to.   Unfortunately,   many   teenagers   turn to   abortion   as   the   resolve   instead   of   facing   up   to   the   consequences   of   their   own   actions.   Mel   Gibson spoke truth by saying, “Creating life simply to destroy it is wrong.” • The battle between pro-life supporters and pro-choice supporters rages on.       The   Bible   clearly   states,   “Thou   shalt   not   kill,”   in   the   Ten   Commandments,   the   regulations   God   has given   us   to   live   by. At   the   moment   of   conception,   a   new   and   unique   individual   is   formed. All   of   the inherited   traits   are   already   set:   the   color   of   the   eyes   and   hair,   the   dimples   of   the   cheeks,   the genetic   personality   traits.   Around   21   days   after   conception,   the   heart   of   the   fetus   begins   to   beat. Many   women   have   not   discovered   they   are   pregnant   until   after   this   date. Therefore,   when   a   woman chooses   to   have   an   abortion,   even   in   the   first   trimester,   there   is   a   living   being   that   is   murdered. Certain   circumstances,   like   rape,   raise   other   issues,   but   that   does   not   mean   a   person   should   kill   an innocent   child   when   adoption   is   always   an   option.   There   are   many   people   that   want   to   have children, newborn babies to raise, but cannot get pregnant.            Ronald   Reagan   said   it   best,   “I’ve   noticed   that   everyone   who   is   for   abortion   is   already   born.”   He also   stated,   “Simple   morality   dictates   that   unless   and   until   someone   can   prove   the   unborn   human   is not   alive,   we   must   give   it   the   benefit   of   the   doubt   and   assume   it   is   alive.   And   thus,   it   should   be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”         We   at   His   Friends   have   a   strong   leading   to   encourage   our   brothers   and   sisters   to   choose   love   over wrath.   We   need   to   come   together   to   create   a   voice   for   those   that   cannot   speak   for   themselves,   the unborn.   If   a   person   willingly   made   the   decision   to   have   sex,   they   should   be   responsible   and   accept the   outcome   of   that   situation. All   God’s   children   are   precious.   John   Powell,   a   professor   of   Theology, summed   it   up   when   he   said   “Each   child   is   sent   into   this   world   by   God   with   a   ‘Unique   Message’   to deliver, a new personal act of love to bestow.”
“Each child is sent into this world by God with a ‘Unique Message’ to deliver, a new personal act of love to bestow.” --John Powell